Reviews - Opera / Concert - Oratorio

"New Year's Concert in Ludwigshafener Pflazbau"


"In "Summertime", Janice Dixon let dark sensuality plentifully flow. The former member of the Mannheim National Theatre impressed with great charisma and veracity. Even between lovers it can sometimes be a little tense. That was quickly wiped away in the Duet "I love you Porgy" as the bad blood dissolved into wonderfully shining, glowing oaths of love. Pliant colors, great feelings and passions streamed abundantly in broad legato arches. In two to three years, Karl-Heinz Steffens wants to perform the complete Gerschwin opera in Ludwigshafen."
Rainer Köhl

"Dixon left a shining impression with her comparatively dark soprano. Her performance was shaped with intensity and charisma"
Gunter Wiegand, Rhein Main Presse

Wagner "Loriot-Ring in einem Abend"

"... No wonder with so an attractive Brünnhilde in a simple black dress, with distinctive gold jewelry and a floating orange cape: ]ANICE DIXON was debuting as the Maid and was for me the main attraction. An acclaimed Elsa, Elizabeth, Sieglinde, Marschallin at home (Mannheim), she now sang her first Brünnhilde with the golden tones of her warm soprano, with an abundance of wonderful nuances and blooming high notes. In a nicely collegial gesture, her partner stepped back and drew the applause to his excellent partner. Miss Dixon had sung from "Die Walküre" "Siegmund, sieh auf mich" with tragic greatness and "Fort denn eile, nach Osten gewandt" with her radiating rejoicing tones. With resonating shades of color and lots of Legato followed then the final scene beginning with "Grane mein Ross". An admirable, brilliant debut!"
Gerhard Hoffman, Der Neue Merkur

Verdi "Requiem"

"... first and foremost Janice Dixon, who with a wonderfully gleaming noble velvet soprano timbre and noble cultured legato brought great suggestive power to her role..."

"... a true stroke of luck, Janice Dixon, who with her noble timbred, sumptuous soprano and the softly flooded high voice likewise offered an examplary reading of the score, especially impressive in the final 'Libera me'.."