Jazz for Children in Need!

"...When Janice Dixon spreads out her wonderfully broad timbred voice with its unique tonal beauty, when she lets her elastic Groove and her innate Swing and Blues feeling soulfully vibrate, she immediately creates with her whole personality and positive charisma an intimate dialogue with the audience of jazz enthusiasts."


Jazz in Quadrat!

"...Janice Dixon jazzed the hearts of Mannheimers. Surely some already new what a pearl would be onstage. In the past, the opera singer has given Jazz Matinees at the Nationaltheater [Mannheim] that astounded the expert public and convinced the purists among the classic fans that one musical direction doesn't have to be a decision for life..."


Swinging Janice!

"...Janice Dixon.. with her very expressive, noble voice that is capable of lots of emotion..."

Jazz at the Gärtnerplatz!

"...Janice Dixon sang with cheerful relish .. and was cheered..."


Jazz in der Oper!

"...She is one of the most loved singers of the Mannheim Opera and has a extraordinary second talent: the soprano, Janice Dixon, thrills the Mannheimer public with her best opera roles...but she shines also as a Jazz singer..."

All that Jazz!

"...Janice Dixon is an extraordinary artist, who doesn't shy from such a daring crossover. At the end of the year for her Tosca in the production of Sandra Leopold frenetically acclaimed, the soprano invited to a foray into Jazz, for which she is already a tradition..."